The Great Spotted Cuckoo that I blogged about last week was not the only bird that we caught on photograph during a recent ride in the Zinder bush…


As the trail continued, we passed one of my favourite places with the Ronnier Palm trees.


Various bird species like to occupy these particular trees, and today, it was owned by a pair of Pied Crows.


A pretty large bird for the area (and quite noisy too), the Pied Crow [Corvus albus] is widely distributed on the African continent and often appears in pairs or larger groups.


According to wikipedia, it obtains most of its food on the ground, feeding on insects, small reptiles, small mammals, young birds, eggs, grains and fruit. They are even known to kill and eat Fruit Bats (see this post if you missed our encounter with the Egyptian Fruit Bat Lady!) although I have never seen them attack one.


Although I often see them during our rides, they are not as fond of the cameras as some of the “cheekier” bird species (such as the Abyssinian Roller or the Striped Kingfisher) and eventually gave up their spot at the Ronnier palm trees for a seat in Baobab tree futher down the track…


Now the only question remains, what else are we going to encounter in the Zinder bush…?

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