It’s hard to be believe that one this very day, three years ago, Arwen gave birth to our very own “first-born” foal at Ishtar’s Ark… The 1st of September 2008 saw the arrival of Isolde yar’Arwen, sired by local barb champion DanMaffia!


Although three months younger than Sheba, Isolde came to the Ark first! :-) I missed her birth but then spent the coming months (together with Sheba!) enjoying her growing up. An ambitious introvert who adored humans, Isolde enhanced our lives and made the Ark all the richer!


It did not take long before she’d grown into a real beauty.


And a tall one too!


Although they share the similar genes (Isolde’s father is 100% local barb horse, just like Arwen), Isolde’s background is completely different from her parents. Having grown up with good food, Isolde is both taller, broader and fuller than her mother and people who see her at the race track are convinced that she must be a European import.


Personalitywise, Isolde is one stunning equine. There are so many things I love about this horse!! Although she is but three, she is patient, open minded, hardworking and kind. She has wonderful gaits, can be fast but is not in a hurry, doesn’t spook easily, adores the bush (which she has enjoyed since she was one month old) and constantly tries to please us humans. (She also believes she is part horse-part human and belongs in the house). Although I haven’t ridden her much at all, she is such an impressive equine that I find myself forgetting that she is technically still “green”. After Ebony, however, I would say Isolde is our second most “grounded” horse. With her being an introvert and me being extrovert, I thought when she was growing up that we would stumble upon certain communication problems along the way, but so far, I have not encountered a single situation that patience couldn’t solve. (Except for Isolde’s current skepticism for deep slopes, but I’m sure that will be resolved with time).


If you had asked me five years ago if I ever thought I would dare to train a horse from scratch, I would probably have said no way! Ride in a horse? Never! At the time when we mated Arwen, I thought I would ask some of the more “experienced” Hausa horse trainers to “break” her in. But along the way, I met some wonderful horse people on line, got the best equine advice (there’s really nothing that can’t be solved with patience, is there?!) and made sure to include Isolde in her “life to come” from the very start.


But Isolde’s spirit never needed to be “broken”. Right from the start, we introduced her to her “life to come” from her early age, letting her get accustumed to bulls, camels, cars, speed – all of it.


And as a result, Isolde loves the bush!


There’s so much to say about this beautiful equine teenager, but for now, I’ll just say:

Happy Birthday Isolde Girl! You are one stunning equine and we are so proud of you. Thank you for enhacing our lives! You are every girl’s horse dream and I’m glad we’re the ones enjoying you!

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