The rainy season is a beautiful period.


Ever so often, when I close the office for the day and take the dogs home,


…the sky greets me with a beautiful light filled canvas so warm and unique it makes my heart smile.


The sun setting light is brilliant, dancing on the back of the canines.


When we’re not too late, I tell Sheba to hurry and we’ll get Dennis and “go for a swim” in the bush. Although she loves to socialize with the canine friends she meets four times every day, the prospect of a “swim” tops everything and Sheba puts in an additional gear, doing what she so rarely does unless faced with an emergency: namely hurry!


Pretty boy Rocky, one of Sheba’s many friends on Eden Street, is sorry to see us go, but we’ll be back (and he doesn’t care for a swim either).


Crossing the road, we are surrounded by the sunset, which is playing on every part of the horizon. The light by this time is too low to stop for any photo shooting; and the dogs are in a hurry to get to the promised destination, namely the seasonal lake between Kanya and Kasheni.


It takes us about twenty minutes to get here and the dogs know exactly where we are heading.


While Dennis Mugu (the soon to be twelve-year-old rascal of the Ishtar household) stays by my side, Team Sheba are already off, swimming in the cool muddy waters. Can you see them?

An hour later, we’re back home again, the dogs have their dinner and then lie flat on the veranda floor, content with the day. The lights are out but the memories of a good day stays. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what life looks like, there are quality moments to be harvested at all times. It’s just a question of stopping to collect them…

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