The day before I went to Niamey, I was met by a sky both dramatic and passionate.


The light was too low to capture Team Sheba as they pranced about with their canine (boy) friends on Eden Street,


…so I had to turn on the flash.


Sheba, soon to be on heat, was in her most playful mood,


…and all potential suitors on Eden street came out to greet us.


Of course, the males all gathered around my legs to size each other up with vocal warnings, but I told them all to stop.


The setting sun was beautiful,


…and the air cool,


…enhancing Sheba’s playfulness!


This part before going on heat is one that Sheba enjoys utterly.


With the Azawakh males suddenly going physical, Sheba sees it at a superb opportunity to practice her RR wrestling moves!


Poor Whiskey was in for a shock when Sheba suddenly made the “Tunnel Move” (new to me!) which consisted of her diving in under her opponent, lifting him off the ground with all her weight and simply throwing him into the air. It worked so marvelously well that when Sheba looked around, “the opponent” was nowhere to be found (having received such a shock that despite all suitor intentions he called it a day and ran home).


Oh well, the girls did not lament for long, taking one cooling bath in the muddy pond outside our house, before going inside for dinner.


As for the sunset, it stayed long with its beautiful glow, having set the sky on fire…


Unfortunately for Sheba, this was the be her last skywatch for a while, as she is now on her semi-annual Heat Quarantine. She doesn’t understand why she can’t follow me to work or join us on long bush rides (especially now that Anette is here!) but at this point, she would not be interested in a game of RR wrestling should we redo the walk on Eden Street! Luckily for her (and me!) she only has another week left, and soon enough, we’ll be back enjoying life under the breathtakingly beautiful West African Sky.

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