It’s a beautiful ending of the day and Anette and I take the dogs for an afterwork walk down Eden Street.


Little Cherifa, the youngest daughter of my late colleague & African uncle Maurice – who passed away all too soon in July last year – runs up and grabs my hand.


We walk down the road and enjoy the sunset together.


This is Africa and the day is ending at a quiet, peaceful pace.


Cherifa however is full of life. She is starting kindergarten (middle group) on Monday and has high expectations. Last year, we raised the money to keep Cherifa and her siblings in school and would like to do so this year as well. So far, we have raised more than two thirds of the €1500 needed, which is enough to enroll them and get them started with school books and such. However, we still need to raise another €375 by the end of the year. If you would like to help, either send me a message and I will get back to you, or place a contribution at our paypal account:

PAYPAL (loverescueoperation@gmail.com)

All help is appreciated!


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