I’ve been going to Niamey (the capital of Niger) more much often these past two years and have been enjoying it a lot – the only thing that’s been missing has been Sheba. But hitching a ride to the capital (900km away from Zinder) proved next to impossible after most expats were evacuated from Zinder earlier this year – and most of the bus companies in town have a no-animal policy. Having checked every option, one of my friends said: “Let’s ask the bus companies. I’m sure there will be one will choose an additional ‘client’ [Sheba] over a no-animal policy”. And having watch Sheba give me “The Look” these past few days (sensing Anette’s departure approaching) and wanting so badly to bring her along, I said sure, and told a very happy Sheba that she got to hop into the car.


Everybody loved her, and people wanted to pose with this remarkable dog who did all that her owner asked her to do, and was bigger than any other dog they’d seen.


The first two companies turned her down because their Niamey headquarters said no (saying that they might have complaints from other passengers), but the staff at the second company were all cheering for us and called a third company that they thought would be willing to take us.


And sure enough, they did.


A newly established bus company, Nijma Transports had no problems issuing a ticket for my dog,


…for unlike the other companies we had visited, their head office was in Zinder and the boss was The Boss.


The bus may not have air condition, but it DOES allow dogs onboard – at least dogs that pay for their own seat! And now Sheba has a two-way ticket written out in her own name, which was exactly what I wanted, and the two of us are joining Anette on the bus tonight to see her off at the airport.


Anette flies back to Sweden on Friday, and Sheba and I will spend the weekend with friends (both human and canine!) before going back to Zinder and Edenland on Monday. Hopefully, we will be able to arrange an RR get-together while we are in Niamey as I now know of at least two other RR females! If we get it together, that would be Sheba’s first meeting with a fellow 100% ridgeback and I’m so eager to see how she likes that!

Tell you all about it when I get back!

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