On Tabaski this Monday, my friend Naim and I rode our horses King & Isolde to the race track. Isolde is a bit weary of males when she is off heat but after she managed to launch a few warning kicks (touching him but not injuring him), they were fine.


Although we were a little late, we came in time (African time) to watch the first race take off. I love the dusty images of when the riders come to pick up their prize…


After thirty minutes at the track, we headed out into the bush, doing a 10 km trail ride before the lights were out. While riding through my favourite plain (I’m the guide out here in this wilderness!) we came across a sighting I had never seen before: thousands and thousands of bats flying across our heads, coming from the horizon and heading for the city. After all these years in Niger, I’m still amazed that there are so many new things to discover! I have yet to find out what species they were and where they were heading (immigrating or just going “collective hunting”?) but in either case, it was truly an impressive experience!