A few days ago, I blogged about encountering a sky full of bats during our late sunset Tabaski ride in the Zinder bush.


The following day, I met them again while riding out to the oasis where they seemed to have been coming from. Although at night I saw thousands, at daylight I saw (and heard) “only” hundreds, but it was still an impressive sight!

Unlike birds, who hardly mind the presence of humans on horses (horses are such great blind!), the bats were disturbed by our presence and moved – with much complaints – from one palm tree to another in a very unorganized fashion.


This was not the same bat breed as I’d encountered earlier, and once I have the species pinned down, I’ll be back with closeups. Concerning bats, I only two things to say: 1) When they are not flying, they are really very sweet-looking – and 2) Having rarely encountered such a noisy colony, I am very happy not to be a bat… That said, Happy Skywatching, with or without bats! :-)


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