Every once in a while, I try something new. This week, I finally decided to cut up a huge pumpkin I bought several weeks ago. As a teen, I had a very disastrous pumpkin-pie experience which resulted in me avoiding pumpkin “ever after”. Finally, some fifteen years later, I reminded myself that everything is worth a second chance, and daringly purchased my first multiple-kilo pumpkin. And decided to make a pumpkin soup.

The end result was… not surprising… very good. I copied my mother’s simple Zucchini Soup Recipe and let the pumpkin pieces precook in the solar oven with some salt and pepper. Then I blended it with a handful of garlic and another handful of fresh parsley, stirred down some milk and served it with some fresh-tasting Mexican chili – the best chili I have ever tried.

And although I still may not be ready for the sweet cinnamon-tasting family of pumpkin dishes, I am definitively buying pumpkin again. And soon. Because this soup was simple, filling, easy to make and most importantly, very refreshing!

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