On the very day after Jason, Queenie and I came back to Zinder, Allis our black doe finally decided to deliver!


The delivery went very quickly and I only had the time to hear a little goat whining, and there they were, two little newborn goats!


Goat kids are definitively high ranking amongst sweet animal individuals, and this pair of twins was no exception!


Allis had just given birth to a little female that took after her big daddy Tyson,


…and a male, that looks more like Allis’ own father Amadeus (who was all black with one white spot).


For Jason and Queenie, this was a precious encounter on their first day at the ark!


Magdalena of Allis & Tyson


Rocco of Allis & Tyson


The little female is definitively a keeper (just look at her: chocolate brown with black markings! How beautiful does one get???) and I will have to look for options for the little black male. In any case, they are both adorable, and we are enjoying them very much!

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