While Diva stole the show last month, today is Zidane’s turn!


Our BOY is finally one year old!!!


He and Diva have practically grown up as twins.


Whatever one has done,


…the other has copied and tried to do “better”.


Although his time with us is up now,


I am grateful to have watching him grown into a beautiful colt. It is not hard to sense what handsome stallion he will make soon!


And speaking of stallions, Zidane has just gone to join the other racing champions at his father’s owner’s stables,


…where he will be well-fed (anything he will ask for, he will be given!) and trained for racing. His new caretakers have promised not to ride him until he is AT LEAST TWO YEARS OLD – (which is a breakthrough in this country, where colts of Zidane’s age are already carrying riders… which is the reason few horses live to be older than ten) and are immensely proud of him!


Of course, we will be missing him (and his exceptional wit when it comes to mischief!!!) over at the Ark,


…but his new home is only a walk away, and we will be visiting him often.


Happy 1st birthday, Zidane! Good luck in following in your father’s footsteps and making Zinder proud of our 100% barbs!

Hugs and kisses from all the Ladies of Ishtar’s Ark!

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