Our princess Kalahari is turning three years old today!


It was long since she was a little baby filly, being looked after by my only slightly older Rhodesian ridgeback from Sweden…


Today, she is a stunningly beautiful young barb adult horse, and well-shaped too!


Kalahari is strong, both physically and psychologically.


Personalitywise, Kalahari is a (future) herd leader, taking after her mother Sahara.


She is clever and inquisitive, and quite daring too.


None of the other horses have ever walked up to a camel, much less inspected it, but Kalahari is, despite her young age, a future herd leader. She only has to wait for her equally dominant mother Sahara to give up the post… :-)


I recently started to ride her, and unlike Isolde who a little confused in the beginning, riding Kalahari for the first time was like sitting any other well-established horse.


I never thought that riding a horse for the first time could be so easy, but I think that three years of easy going rides in the peaceful West African bush has helped prepare one very smart lady for what is to come. And she is more than ready.


Happy birthday, beautiful Kalagirl! You are one impressive young barb horse and so beautiful too!!