By the size of Esmeralda’s belly this weekend, I was thoroughly convinced that she was expecting triplets again, but thankfully, she finally (after a very long wait!) gave birth to two beautiful little baby girls!


Leah and Evita were born on the 17th of January. The kidding itself went without problems, but milking was another issue… While her udder swelled like a balloon, the babies made no effort to eat. After having been fed the vital colostrum by hand, they gained energy, but still had to be looked after for the coming few days.


I told Isaku, who takes care of the horses and who has been wanting a female offspring of Esmeralda for a long time now, that if both survived, I would give him Leah. It worked wonders, and within minutes, Isaku was off to buy a bottle.


Fortunately for us all, the bottle wasn’t needed for long and after a few days, the newborns were mingling with the rest of the herd. Big sisters Tyra and Tilda were not too kind to the newcomers (now their mother’s new priority!) and Tyra more than once tried to toss her new siblings away, calling for the intervention of their mother.


Another “mother” eager to step in was Sheba, who insisted on being let into the goat pen so that she could look after “her” newborns.


The same thing happened with Allis’ last kidding and I am pretty sure that would any of our goat kids lose their mother at an early age, Sheba will adopt them in a second.


When the time came to leave the goat pen, Sheba would give me this look: “I’m NOT ready to go yet.”


Because as we all know, babies need to be properly looked after, and not just one,


…but the other one too! :-) Well, these little newcomers will definitively not need to worry about security issues – not as long as their extra mother Sheba is around!

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