Last week, I blogged about the past weekend doing girly stuff with friends; catching up on gossip with doing henna and having my hair braided. What I did not show you was the end result!


The henna turned out really nice and the pattern was awesome, but the new instant all-in-one henna tattoo mix (which comes from China) was way too strong and dried out my skin in several places. Although I loved the work of the artist, I will not be trying this particular brand / method again, but will be going for the brown henna, which is its natural colour (and more than dark enough for pale skin!).


Last time I had my hair braided, we used blond extensions that I had bought in Oslo. This time, we used the lightest colour available at the Niamey market (the famous #27), which takes a lighter shade when mixed with my own hair.


I also tried a different version of braids known as “cordes”, where two parts of hair are twirled around each other, instead of the typical three-part braid. The braiding however involved some drama as the girl who did them pulled my own hair so much that it blistered my scalp in several places and caused infection. As much as I wanted to have the braids done at a friend’s house (or my own) as the process takes so many hours, I have come to one non-negotiable conclusion: next time, I will be back at the hair salon and entrust my head to a true expert who not only braids better than everybody else in town, but who also understands the different between fine Scandinavian hair and robust Afro!


That said, it was fun trying something new, and I am enjoying the length, the colour and of course the African touch immensely. Some antibiotics later, the wounds have now withdrawn and I can finally enjoy the end result of eleven hours of hard work, which I hope to keep for the coming five weeks!

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