It’s lizard egg hatching season down here in Niger and as I reach for my coffee cup, I think I see a shadowy creature disappear within.


Very true, there he is, a beautiful newly hatched gecko baby – hiding inside my Swedish coffee cup.


I’m always amazed at how beautiful creatures are up-close – especially newborns… So vulnerable yet so perfect miniature copies of what they are to become as adults. While I take the baby gecko for a ride through the house, I marvel at his perfection.


Outside, Sheba, my Rhodesian ridgeback does not look up from her beauty sleep. Geckos are of no consequence to her.


I release him on my veranda, where he is free to stay or leave as he pleases. The house already has a gecko (that would be his mother) and so I do not need more professional (and quite efficient) insect-hunters staying with me, but on the outside, there is room for all. Happy roaming, baby gecko!

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