A weeks ago, Isaku and I popped by Zidane to see how he was doing.


Although it had been a while, he was still as cuddly as ever!


Already 1,5 years old, this colt is growing up to be a beautiful stallion!


I still can’t over how big and masculine his head is!


As for training, we took him out to see if he was still as well educated as when we handed him over. He was!


We even took him out with the motorcycle (which he completely cool with) and gave him the opportunity to trot and canter along the gravel road. He loved it! Normally, colts his age are already being ridden in Niger, so it is definitively a challenge for his new caretakers not to ride him. In the meantime, I am happy that he has preserved his good nature and hope that he will be known as one of the most well-behaving race horses in the country, once he gets started with his career! :-)

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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