A few nights ago, the dogs announced the arrival of rival creature in the garden, and as I looked up in the trees, I saw the distinctive striped tail of a genet.


A wild animal, this little guy (or guys!) have been making frequent visits to my garden, often walking quietly amongst the horses when the dogs are on the veranda.


Ronja was very upset by the genet’s presence, but could not quite understand why I did not take matters as seriously as she did!


Armed with a torchlight and a camera, I watched the fascinating creature as it jumped from one branch to another.


Well aware of my presence, he seem oblivious to me being there,


…nor was he particularly bothered by the hostile stare of the dog below.


Safe in the tree, the genet lay to rest,


…while Ronja stared in chock at the enemy creature’s audacity to call HER garden ITS home.


Personally, I adore genets!


They are beautiful, elegant and daring creatures. This guy seemed as intrigued by me as I was by him, and did not let my torchlight (or the hostile dog right beneath him) stop him from going about with his usual nightly routines.


I watched him for a over ten minutes (while the mosquitoes bit my legs) as he cleaned his tail and tried out the tree for the most comfortable sleeping position.


Eventually he found it, and I just stood there, amazed at his beauty and lost in a world of wilderness.


After several minutes, the feline-line creature closed his eyes and napped, telling me it was time to go back to bed.


At my side, Ronja was falling asleep on her post as well,


…and I took this last picture of the dog sitting on duty-patrol under the tree and the genet sleeping comfortably above it, before calling it a wrap.

This is not our first genet visit, and hopefully not our last either! To read more about our genet visits and what kind of animal the genet is, click here.

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