I was at a friend’s house on Friday and had a very nice lunch with good company.


As he is house-sitting for my other friend who is on vacation in his home country, I thought I’d put a post with all his beloved pets, who were more than willing photo subjects! And also to show that I’m not the only person in Zinder with an Ark! :-D


Tiger – the firstborn – was happy to pose for the camera.


And look at those beautiful eyes…


Little Penny came as soon as I called her. Sweet face there too, though I’m partial and enamoured by Tiger’s fantastic eyeliners.


Poutchi, the MAN, was all over me until we tried spraying his ears with aluespray. Then he hid under the van, but enjoyed the photo-shoot nevertheless.


Mr Kittycat was one sweet gentleman – so cuddly and handsome in his white.


Also in white was Mr Pigeon and his crew.


Mr Blue walked peacefully on the ground,

…while Mr Grey called at me from above! I found him in the tree…


King the stallion hurried over as soon as he spotted the camera,


…but wouldn’t you say this was a little too close, King?


Last but not least was Mrs Lamb (not a goat!) had just given  birth! We named the little ones Elsa and Evie, but they will be big like their mother, and soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into this one courtyard!

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