The thing I love about birthdays is that it gives you the opportunity (and the excuse!) to do something out of the ordinary, such as going up at 4am in the morning and drive out to your favourite hilltop just to have a cup of coffee and a ‘pain of chocolat’ and watch the sun go up.

It was a very special start of the day.

As for my wishes, I posted this note on facebook:

Eden: my reason for living and working in Niger. ♥♥♥

Last year, Eden distributed seeds for more than 43,000 trees to 3000 farming families here in arid West Africa. These trees are life savers and make all the difference in the world for their caretakers (often women and children). They require no irrigation to grow and yet provides food in abundance, even in times of need.

So if you thought of giving me a gift on my birthday, wouldn’t you much rather support a new farming household with Eden trees and help them achieve a sustainable life?

For €20 you can sponsor a new family with a start-up package with seeds for 10 trees. Last year, more than 80% of the farming families were new to the program, and we have all reason to believe there will be even more this year! Please help us answer the demand!

You can donate to Eden here:

You can also use my paypal [contact me for info] if that’s easier.

BIG HUG from Africa!
☼ Esther