201307-DSC01250I wrote this story a few months ago, some nights after the dogs had barked their special high-pitched The-genet-is-here!-bark. I went out, equipped with a torch and a camera, and sure enough, found the beautiful little West African wild animal visiting again.

201307-DSC01258Now all of you that know me, know that I adore wildlife in general – but I find the genet particularly beautiful.

201307-DSC01251Few animals have be intrigued as much as this one, and lucky for me, he’s an inquisitive sort,

201307-DSC01251b…and seemed as intrigued by me as I was by him.

201307-DSC01266The dogs were less impressed, and waited in vain for a hunt that was not to be,

201307-DSC01239…while the genet looked down on his territory and took all the time in the world.

201307-DSC01255People find it funny when I say that we have our own garden genet(s), but even though we have vicious guarddogs waiting to put this cocky creature in place, the genet is a regular visitor and loves hanging out with the horses.

201307-DSC01268While the girls kept their eyes on the intruder visitor, Baghera was more interested in photobombing my images!

201307-DSC01270Luckily for me, the genet was seemed to like having his picture taken, and followed my every movement with great curiosity.


201307-DSC01276I got some great head shots, but I looked up again, he was gone.

201307-DSC01287I told the dogs to come in, but the girls were more than reluctant. Then, a noise right behind us made the dogs fly back to the tree.

201307-DSC01312It turned out the genet had not disappeared into the dark, it had actually climbed DOWN to the bush to be even closer to us.

201307-DSC01311Can you see him?

201307-DSC01315He did not mind me approaching at all, and in the end, I was only a meter away.

201307-DSC01297He did not seem to mind the dogs either,

201307-DSC01290… even though they were right below, waiting for him to slip.

201307-DSC01306But a genets are agile creature and more graceful climbers are hard to find! With his long and slender body and long tail (which he uses for balance), he climbed up to the top of the bush (and took another good look at the camera, offering his best pose),

201307-DSC01300…before he hopped into another tree. And this is when I discovered that the genet I had been calling Gina was actually a Gino.

201307-DSC01305I lingered for a while while he got busy getting ready for bed, and then, when the genet fell asleep, it was our turn too. Let’s see when we meet him next time! In the meantime, you can read more about genets in general here:

GENET (Wikipedia)

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